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 Kick-start your energy with a Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a state of deep relaxation, induced by a guided meditation. It is one of the most relaxed states to be in while still remaining fully conscious.

Yoga Nidra is a great for:
· Grounding
· Rest
· Focused awareness
· Unleash creativity
· Improve memory & brain function
· Creating your own reality
Immerse your body and mind into deep relaxation, inspiration, and ultimate bliss...

Schedule @ Health Club Jordaan - Yoga Studio: Eerste Rozendwarsstraat 10, 1016 PC Amsterdam
Friday October 25th
18:00-19:00 Yoga Nidra - Sara Ayse Doguelli (English)
Saturday October 26th
16:30 - 17:30 Healing Yoga Nidra (+scent) - Benjamin Roberts (English)
Sunday October 27th
15:30-17:00 Afternoon Nidra (two voices) -Sara Ayse Doguelli & Benjamin Roberts (English)

As a Nidra Galaxy Amsterdam guest a class is free of charge. Sign up for our guestlist by sending a mail to info@studioaanhetij.nl LIMITED SPACES

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